Smooth & Effortless with Attention to Detail

Kevin Bell was amazing! The process was so smooth, so effortless, and it is primarily because of his attention to detail, and his attention towards us. He seemed to be doing so much on our behalf. Even when I panicked early in the process due to the overload of information, Kevin took the time to make sure I was caught up in the process, understood the nuances and the overall expectations, and used the technology at his disposal seemingly effortlessly. I cannot praise him enough. Between him and our lending agent, we felt like we were in the best of hands. And his advice along the way was not only invaluable (as a point of perspective) but it was given freely and without judgment whenever we chose alternate paths. He is awesome, and this experience was awesome because of him. Would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for an agent to represent them in the future. His has become a trusted friend, and the trust seems well placed indeed. Thank you Kevin, very much.

— Erik Cockrum